Enter the 3-D, video-game quality virtual world of Zwift. Race or train with riders worldwide on a variety of courses. Kinetic R1 and Control interactive electronic trainers and Kinetic Smart fluid trainers and inRide sensors connect directly with Zwift's iOS, Android, Apple TV and Mac/Windows applications. Kinetic offers 3 ways to ride Zwift.

Option #1 - Interactive Bike Trainers

Choose a Kinetic R1, Control or Smart Control trainer for fully automatic resistance in Zwift. When terrain changes, resistance automatically changes on the trainer. It's the most realistic ride possible.

Benefits: Only Kinetic interactive electronic trainers will let Zwift control the trainer automatically. Once paired with the app, your effort will be determined by the workout or by the gradient of the virtual course. Kinetic interactive electronic trainers require electricity and a training app to control them.

Option #2 - Fluid Smart Bike Trainers

Choose a Kinetic fluid Smart or Smart 2 trainer and send speed, cadence, power and more data to Zwift while you manually control your resistance. When terrain changes in the app you'll pedal harder to keep up with the group. Track power, speed and more.

Benefits: Kinetic Fluid Smart trainers are the no-nonsense option for connecting with training apps. You won’t get the automated app control like you do with an interactive electronic trainer but you will send real-time training data to apps and have a great connected experience riding in the game. Fluid Smart trainers are accurate, affordable and portable. No electricity required and they work as a bike trainer with or without apps if you want to use it for race warmups or during a power outage!

Option #3 - Kinetic inRide Sensors

Add a Kinetic inRide sensor to a Kinetic fluid trainer you already own. Your trainer is 7-years old you say? No problem, if it's a Kinetic fluid trainer the inRide sensor makes it Zwift compatible.

Benefits: The Kinetic inRide sensor extends the life of the Kinetic bike trainer you already own. It’s inexpensive and works great. We use inRide Power Sensors on our Fluid Smart trainers. You’ll have all the benefits of connecting with training apps for a fraction of the cost of a new trainer.

All Zwift-compatible Kinetic Products

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