Training Plans: Triathlon

The Kinetic triathlon plans are designed for riders with more specific racing or event preparation goals. We recommend picking your preferred discipline and progressing from Foundation 1 to Foundation 2 to Race Prep 1 and 2. Following a periodized progression builds a solid aerobic base to help you peak higher and longer at Race Prep.

Most of these plans feature options for specific experience levels ranging from Category 4/5/beginner, Category 3/intermediate and Category 1/2/advanced. Be sure to select the plan in the Kinetic Fit app that best matches your available training time and experience level.

Triathlon Foundation 1  /  10 weeks / Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

Time Trialist Foundation 1  /  10 weeks / Beginner / Intermediate

Frederik Van Lierde's 12-week Plan  /  12 weeks / Beginner / Intermediate

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