Trainer Thursday Profile: Andrew Chaloupka


What is your favorite cross training activity and why?

Outside of training for the disciplines of triathlon (Swim/Bike/Run) I enjoy strength/flexibility training two days a week during the primary training season and upwards of three days per week in the off-season. I have a fairly rigid list of lifts that I follow during the race season to strengthen my back, shoulders and core while improving my overall flexibility.

What is your go-to nutrition advice?

At the end of the day you have to eat based on the needs of your body and to match your training demands. On recovery days I eat less and on the longer training days I eat more. Match the needs of your training demand! Your body needs fuel to perform at its best!

Do you do any meditation/wellness practice for your mental health?

I enjoy spending time with my family and reading before bed to unwind from the day. Do something that helps you relax and allows you to reflect on the hard work of the day.

How do you handle goal setting and sticking with a plan?

Passion, Preparation and Persistence. First you always need to have the motivation to work towards your goals. Realize that some days you may have less motivation than others, but still need to enjoy what you are doing. Secondly, prepare as much as you can. This means setting out all your nutrition, clothes, and gear you may need the night before your training. Lastly, never give up on the dreams you have.

Andrew’s Suggested Workouts


Beginner Steady Climbs Workout (60 minutes)

Warm up:

Work set intervals: (repeat 2 times) 

  • 4:00 @ 83% FTP wattage

  • 3:00 @ 91% FTP wattage

  • 2:00 @ 96% FTP wattage

  • 5:00 @ 60% FTP wattage

Cool down:

  • 10:00 @ 60% FTP wattage 



Advanced Tempo with a Fast Finish (75 minutes)

Warm up:

  • 5-minute warm-up

First set of intervals: (repeat 3 times) 

  • 15:00 @ 77% FTP wattage

  • 20:00 @ 95% FTP wattage

  • 15:00 @ 77% FTP wattage

  • 10:00 @ 98% FTP wattage

Cool down:

  • 10:00 @ 60% FTP wattage 


 — Andrew Chaloupka, Kinetic Ambassador

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