Trainer Thursday: Allie's Nutrition


I have two rules for nutrition during training - keep it simple and keep it easy. I include bars, fruit, and electrolytes.


I am sponsored by Clifbar and truly enjoy their Mojo bars, Sierra Nevada, and Nuts & Seeds bars. The bars are dense and filling. I will take anywhere from 1 to 3 bars on a ride depending on how long I am out training.

Fruit (and a little extra)

I also really enjoy bringing Dates along with me as well as peanut butter, honey, banana “tacos” wrapped in corn tortillas (this can get a little messy, so pack them tight in a bag or tin foil).


I use the Clifbar lemon lime or raspberry flavored electrolyte mixes during training as well. While training in the Alabama heat the amount of sweating that takes place is unreal and that is why it is super important to have electrolytes.

Not all rides need nutrition

If you’re doing an easy hour spin you more than likely will not need food but you can definitely use a little bit of mix in your bottle. If anything exceeds an hour and there is intensity I would suggest bringing ride food and electrolytes so your training performance can be at it’s best.

Whatever your activity is take care of your body, it’ll work as long as it’s fueled.

—Allie Legg, Kinetic Ambassador

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