The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Cyclists

Shopping for the cyclists in your life can be a daunting task. The cycling world can be overwhelming to the uninitiated and choosing the right gift for the athlete in your life can be difficult.

Below is an expertly curated list of highly practical items that will surely make any cyclist recipient jump for joy.

1. A Helmet

Second only to the bike itself, helmets are one of the most important pieces of gear for cyclists. Whether you ride in the street or on trails, bike helmets are a safety imperative. For competitive racers or road cyclists, check out the Giro Vanquish road helmet. The helmet is designed for maximum airflow, and includes lenses that increase contrast to allow bikers to more easily spot hazards and obstacles.

Alternatively, if you’re shopping for a bicycling commuter, recommends the Thousand Epoch helmet, which is a sleek and stylish helmet specially designed for the commuter crowd. It extends low on the back of the head to maximize skull protection, and has a magnetic PopLock portal that allows bikers to lock the helmet up along with their bikes.

2. Clothing

Technical clothing is a great investment for cyclists regardless of their experience level, as temperature regulation and comfort are always imperative for peak performance and personal enjoyment. For the winter months, we recommend long-sleeved men’s and women’s thermals by Twin-Six, a Minneapolis-based apparel company dedicated to making deeply researched, high-functioning, and environmentally friendly cycling clothing.

3. Smart Control Kinetic Trainers

The Kinetic Trainer turns any bicycle into a stationary bike. It’s perfect for colder winter months, helping cyclists stay in top shape even when road conditions are less than ideal. The Smart Control trainer is 20% off online until November 27th, and is compatible with numerous immersive training apps.

If you happen to be shopping for someone who already has Kinetic Trainer, a membership with one of these training apps makes a great gift on its own. You could give the gift of Kinetic Fit, which offers real-time training data, personal coaching, and 28 different power-training program. Or you could introduce a rider to the virtual reality community of Zwift, where users can ride with and race thousands of other riders in real time while cycling an avatar through beautiful 3D landscapes.

4. USA Cycling membership

Giving a USA Cycling membership to your friend or loved one will grant them access to one of the most active and rewarding bike communities in the United States. Per the USA Cycling website, members get “unlimited roadside assistance, event accident insurance, discounts, gear, and even more motivation to get out there on the bike.” And if you purchase a race membership, your giftee gains access to USA Cycling sanctioned races across the country.

5. Night Runner Shoe Lights

As Kai Ryssdal says in the the latest issue of Men’s Journal, Night Runner Shoe lights will change your life. These lightweight, durable shoe lights illuminate the path ahead of you and make you visible to cars and other runners. They’re great for bikers and runners alike, greatly improving visibility, and therefore safety, from dawn to to dusk.

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