Rider Profile: Pier-André Coté

Born and raised in Quebec, Canada, Coté is a relative newcomer to racing, signing his first professional contract with Silber Pro Cycling in 2017. The 21-year-old former hockey player quickly made a name for himself by winning the 2017 Canadian Criterium Championships in his first attempt.

Coté bookended this year’s Tour de Beauce with stage wins, arguably Canada’s toughest stage race. He is considered one of Canada’s most promising sprinters.

We got the chance to interview Pier to learn more:

Tell us how you got into competitive cycling and racing?


I started as a hockey player (like 99% of Canadian kids), and at some point I needed to get fit during the summer in order to be ready for the selection camps that were taking place at the end of it. My dad was already a casual cyclist for over a decade, so we decided I would get fit by riding a bike. I quickly went from riding with my dad to racing provincially and I ended up ending my hockey career a year later.

As a racer, do you specialize in a particular area such as sprinting or climbing?

I specialize in sprinting and punchier stuff. 

Tell us about the Rally Cycling team and a little bit about your experience racing with them.

It will actually be my first year riding with Rally, but I already know that it is a super cool bunch of guys on and off the bike. I am confident that it is the best racing platform for me to get better at racing my bike.


What is your most memorable race experience?

Tour de Beauce earlier this year. It was my first time racing the Tour de Beauce even if it is only an hour away from my hometown and I ended up grabbing two stage wins in front of my friends and family.

How does riding the indoor trainer factor into your training goals for racing?

Riding the indoor trainer is a big part of my winter preparation since I can't ride my bike outside in November and December and I can't really go ride in the sun until January since I have a fair load of school work. So I try to spend as much time mixing endurance ride on the trainer with snowshoeing as well as doing intervals and races on Zwift.

Follow Pier on Instagram at @pierandre.cote.

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