Quick Training Tips from a Pro Cyclist


Training is one of the hardest parts about cycling. I love it and each day when I get home from a training ride I am so glad I was able to go out, rain or shine. My favorite training days are on Tuesdays. My husband and I set out at 5:15 AM and meet up with some of our favorite riding buddies and smash it for 90 minutes before they go into work and I can head back out on my own, or not, depending on how brutal the morning was or on my training plan. I often remind myself that, “hey, I get to do this. No one is making me. I signed up for it." I am blessed to be a bike racer and an athlete.

I need to mention that training in a group is a lot of fun BUT the temptation to not hit your training zones is very high, so I recommend training by yourself most of the time so you are accountable for your training and then enjoy the group rides when they fit your schedule. My favorite workouts are definitely tempo/steady state efforts. The workouts that give me the most anxiety are the top end workouts, but hey, they’re really good for me and after a few weeks of training I notice the responsiveness I have to jump on attacks and breakaways. Make sure you have flashing lights while training, this may seem dorky but you can never be too careful. Have fun, be safe, happy training! 

— Allie Legg, Kinetic Ambassador and Professional Cyclist

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