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Kinetic Fit (iOS) New Update, New Subscription Options

As the trainer season winds down in the North, we’ve been hearing from a lot of Kinetic Fit app riders letting us know how happy they’ve been with their free trial subscriptions included with new Smart Control and Smart trainers and inRide sensors. If your free trial is running out we’d like to take a minute to let you know what you'll get with your free CORE subscription and some of the great features that you’ll only find in a SMART subscription.

We are striving to create a compelling mix of paid and free features in the Kinetic Fit app that help customers get the most out of their training yet provide ongoing app improvements and feature upgrades.

With our CORE free subscription, you get over 50 different built-in workouts, one introductory power-training plan with calendar sync, data sharing to 3rd-party apps like Strava, 2 customizable user displays, Kinetic YouTube playlist viewing in app and with a second screen using Apple TV—more features than any other free power-training app.

Riders with more specific goals and event targets will appreciate our SMART subscription for just $60 annually. SMART opens access to our desktop custom workout creator and 28 different power-training plans—a great supplement or alternative to hiring a coach. Over 150 additional workouts and 27 training-plans, expanded workout-data review, unlimited custom user displays and locally-stored video playing and custom YouTube playlists make our premium plan a fantastic value.

1. Go to a workout category

2. Select Unlock More Workouts...

3. Select Subscribe to start a yearly SMART subscription

If a year-long subscription does not fit your needs, we also offer the SMART subscription on a monthly basis. Monthly subscriptions to the Kinetic Fit app cannot be processed through the app, and must be processed through the website: You’ll need to log in to your account using the same user name and password you used when you created your Kinetic Fit app account on your device. (Discounted inRide sensor, or free water bottle cage is only offered to yearly in-app iOS subscribers). The desktop dashboard is also where SMART subscribers will find the custom workout creator.

We also offer the entire The Sufferfest video library through the Kinetic Fit app for just $10 monthly. New this past year, The Sufferfest has added videos featuring longer interval efforts targeting threshold and tempo zones with steady-state intervals, breaking ranks with some of the insanely tough older race-simulation videos in the library. The Sufferfest upgrade is only available through the desktop dashboard.

Android app users will soon have an update with in-app subscriptions and subscriber bonuses. Our development team continues to work on the Kinetic Fit road map.

Kinetic Fit iOS v.1.3.12 fixes include:

  • In-app yearly SMART subscription purchase
  • Bug fixes: sharing workout sessions on iPad and workout graph zooming are both back!
  • Various performance improvements