Meet & Ride with Professional Tibco Rider Emily Newsom

Ride with Emily tomorrow (Tuesday, January 22) at 6:45am EST during our bi-weekly Zwift group ride


Emily began cycling in 2013 after her husband and coach noticed her natural aptitude for the discipline. She quickly rose through the ranks locally and became thoroughly enamored with the sport. From early on she set her goals high and aspired to become strong enough to race as a professional. In 2014 Emily took a 9 month hiatus from racing to have a child. Three months after delivery, she began racing again and through hard work and consistency gradually reclaimed her fitness. She steadily improved and began testing herself at a national level in 2017.

Starting off on a high with a strong performance at Valley of the Sun, she continued to challenge herself by racing as many professional events as possible. There were some disappointing setbacks and some successes including a courageous ride at US Pro Nationals road race where she soloed off the front for a large portion of the race to ultimately end in 9th place. A strong time trialist who specializes in races of attrition, Emily has been pouring herself into training this fall and looks forward to returning to the racing scene. 

Q: Tell us how you got into competitive cycling and racing?

A: Once I completed my masters in piano performance, I needed a complete change. I began running and after a few years, turned to cycling as it was a more natural fit. My husband, an experienced runner and coach, guided me into competitive cycling.

Q: As a racer, do you specialize in a particular area such as sprinting or climbing?

A: Time trials and rolling courses of attrition. 

Q: Tell us about Team Tibco and a little bit about your experience racing with them.

A: Tibco has been a team I looked up to from the start of my cycling endeavors. Lauren Stephens was from the same area as I and I often raced against her and followed her success. It was through her that Tibco noticed me and signed me for 2018. My first year with them was an incredible experience of exciting racing, high end equipment, wonderful organization and one I am most excited to repeat! 

Q: What is your most memorable race experience?

A: Ardeche 2018. It was extremely difficult for me and I did not complete it. It is always at the back of my mind, not as a failure, but as a stage race that made me realize how high the bar was set in women’s cycling. It renewed my drive and determination to be able to be competitive at that level. 

Q: How does riding the indoor trainer factor into your training goals for racing?

A: As a wife, mother and musician as well as a professional athlete, it can be quite tricky to balance everything. Many days I cannot train outside because my daughter is home with me while my husband works. I am so grateful for the trainer because it allows me to continue training at a high level while also fulfilling my roles to my family. 

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