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Maximize Your Winter Training with Strava

Finding the time for a long group ride outside is hard. It’s even harder when your golden free Saturday finally arrives and you look out the window to find a soft coat of snow on the road–especially when it’s just enough to make your ride painful in all the wrong ways. Thanks to a combination of your Kinetic trainer and training apps like Kinetic Fit and Strava, we have a few steps to make those indoor rides as engaging as your outdoor ones.

1. Join Kinetic’s Strava Group

Head on over to and press “Join Club.” Congratulations, you’re officially a part of our Strava group! From here, you’ll be able to see the rides from your fellow Kinetic team members and see how you stack up. Simply connect with your favorite training app and start riding.

2. Find your competition

When cycling with a group, you have the benefit of accountability, motivation, and other riders to help you push yourself to maximum potential. Thanks to your trainer and Strava, you can have all those benefits (and more!) right in your own home.

Whether you’re a new rider, professional, or somewhere in between, you can use the Strava board to find a rider with similar stats. Each week, work toward setting a goal for yourself, whether frequency of rides, distance, elevation gains, or speed.

Share workouts directly from training apps to your Strava feed when you link your accounts with Strava.

Most training apps support direct-export to Strava accounts.

3. Indoor workouts count too!

You can pair the Kinetic Fit app to your Strava account on the "Connections" screen to automatically post workouts on your Strava feed when you've completed them. Most other training apps allow for this too. Zwift (above) can even post a map of your virtual route complete with KOMs, PRs and elevation profiles, just like riding outside.

4. Embrace your inner bike nerd

Thanks to the “Posts” section of our Strava page, you can chat with fellow Kinetic bike nerds to start a discussion about group rides, gear, stats, and more.

Beat the winter blues! Stay connected. As we enter those grueling darker training months, we will be hosting weekly and monthly ride competitions on our Strava page with prize giveaways.