Kinetic Fit (iOS) Version 1.3.10 Update Summary

What's New in Version 1.3.10?

  • Added a calendar view to Training Plans (week view and list view).

  • Ability to adjust your Training Plan start date.

  • Imports Workout Sessions from inRide App via on-device shared folder.

  • Bug Fixes when adding Training Plan workout days to your system calendar.

  • System Calendar Events have a URL in them that will open up the app directly to the workout.

  • Profile Zone locking when editing your power and heart rate zones.

  • Choose your Graph Metrics / Lines in the app settings (power / heart rate / cadence).

  • Numerous UI tweaks and stability improvements.

BUG NOTE: Since updating, some users have noticed workout screen display weirdness and some overall user interface issues. The SOLUTION: Log out of your Fit app account and log in. All should be normal again.