Kinetic Fit App Development Roadmap

Note: This is not a complete picture of what we're working on at Kinetic. We're a small team so certain items can take priority which will delay other tasks. We follow "WIN" (What's Important Now?) methodology so our priorities can change on a daily basis.

iOS Development

In Progress

  • In-App Training Plan Calendar View
  • Change your Training Plan Start Date
  • Improving Results / Analysis Screen UI and information (w/ Lap isolation)


  • Managing Subscriptions from within App
  • Resume incomplete workouts
  • Apple WatchOS 3 Heart Rate Monitoring
  • TACX Support
  • Import GPX / FIT Workouts
  • Convert Sessions into Workouts (Re-ride workouts with targets)
  • Offline video storage
  • Full localization of Workout and Training Plan data

Android Development

In Progress

  • App Stability and Compatibility
  • Adding Training Plans


  • Workout HUD Customization
  • Improved Chrome Integration

Smart Control Changelog

Version 1100

  • LED fixes
  • Adjustments to Power from Acceleration

Version 1091

  • Power Formula Adjustments
  • USB Update for Windows
  • Improved Simulation Mode
  • More Diagnostic APIs

Version 1038

  • Power Formula Adjustments

Under Development

  • Improving Virtual Cadence
  • Improving Acceleration Power for different modes
  • External Power Sensor Control (use your on-bike Power sensor as the baseline to control the RU's resistance)

Open Source Initiatives

In Progress

  • Improve sensors-swift Wahoo / CycleOps plugin
  • sensors-swift TACX extension