Kinetic Smart Control Firmware Change Log and Fit App Development Roadmap

Note: This is not a complete picture of what we're working on at Kinetic. We're a small team so certain items can take priority which will delay other tasks. We follow "WIN" (What's Important Now?) methodology so our priorities can change on a daily basis.

Smart Control Trainer Firmware Change Log


Version 1266

  • No functional changes

  • This update preps Smart Control trainers for the upcoming Bluetooth FTMS firmware update

  • IMPORTANT: This is a necessary intermediate step for all Smart Control trainers before the next FW version update that will include the Bluetooth FTMS protocol.

  • The Bluetooth FTMS protocol will enable a broader compatibility with 3rd party applications that have adopted the new trainer communication standard.


Version 2010 (upcoming)

  • Bluetooth FTMS firmware update - We will go live with this when Zwift is ready for all trainer manufacturers and we’ve had ample time to test in beta.

Under Development

  • Improving ERG mode performance in 3rd-party apps including Zwift

  • Improving Virtual Cadence

  • Improving Acceleration Power for different modes

  • Improving higher wattage power formula tracking in ERG mode

  • External Power Sensor Control (use your on-bike Power sensor as the baseline to control the RU's resistance)


Version 1265

  • Fixed power spikes in Zwift

  • Optimized real-time power view in Zwift SIM mode to show display less “spikey” values

Version 1235

  • Improvements to power formula - better accuracy

  • Improvements to power targeting in ERG workouts (Fit App)

  • Cadence improvements - more smoothing and sample rate adjustments

  • Acceleration data added into power formula

Version 1136

  • Improvements to power formula

Version 1107

  • Power Curve updates

  • Completed USB Protocol

Version 1100

  • LED fixes, changed flashing mode to solid

  • Adjustments to Power from Acceleration

Version 1038

  • Power Formula Adjustments

Version 1091

  • Power Formula Adjustments

  • USB Update for Windows

  • Improved Simulation Mode

  • More Diagnostic APIs

Kinetic Fit App Development


In Progress

  • Full trainer support: Elite, TACX, JetBlack, Wahoo, CycleOps, BKool

  • Improving Video User Interface and Experience


  • Studio Software Solution

  • Today’s Plan Integration

  • Full localization (EFIGS)



In Progress

  • BLE FTMS Support

  • Improving Video User Interface and Experience


  • Full trainer support: Elite, TACX, JetBlack, Wahoo, CycleOps, BKool

  • Today’s Plan Integration

  • Full Localization (EFIGS)

Open Source Initiatives


  • iOS / macOS / tvOS Swift BLE Library (collaboration with Fulgaz and The Sufferfest). Supports all Trainer protocols. Replacement for Wahoo’s closed source SDK.

In Progress

  • Open sourcing inRide 2 protocol with simplified SDKs (C, Objective C, Swift, Java, C#)

  • Open sourcing Kinetic USB protocol with example applications (macOS Swift, Windows .NET)

  • Android Java BLE Library. Will support all trainer protocols.