Kinetic Fit Adds YouTube Playlists to iOS Fit App


The Kinetic Fit app for iOS has a new feature! We've added YouTube video streaming during workouts. In addition to watching videos stored on your device, streaming from Dropbox, or the optional Sufferfest subscription, you can now stream video playlists from YouTube!

With over 300 hours of video uploaded every minute your options are practically endless no matter what you feel like watching while you ride. You simply connect your Fit profile with your Google account and build a playlist on YouTube. Your playlists will display after you select a workout and the video button. Video can be viewed on your device or mirrored to a second screen.

The new YouTube feature is part of our Smart subscription package, but available for free to current users through August 1. Update your Kinetic Fit app now!

Download a YouTube instruction sheet here



  1. Open Kinetic Fit app and rider Profile 
  2. Swipe left past user settings to get to the Connections screen
  3. Select the red chain icon under Google
  4. Enter the Google login information for the account associated with your YouTube playlists
  5. Select Allow
  6. Your YouTube playlists will now be visible as video options in a workout.
  7. After selecting a workout, select Video.
  8. Swipe left to get to the YouTube streaming options, then select your playlist
  9. Your playlist will play once the workout starts after the warm-up and calibration.
  10. Video can be played on your device or mirrored to a second screen via Apple TV.
  11. When viewing a video playlist, double tap the screen to switch the device view between video and workout data
  12. Single tap the screen (while viewing video) to access video controls


Build a YouTube playlist (if you don't have them)

Note: If you already have playlists, they'll show in Fit after pairing. You will need to sign in to YouTube with a Google account. Be sure to pair the same account in the Fit app.

  1. Open YouTube 
  2. Select the icon in the upper right, sign in with your google account
    • if you have multiple accounts select the one you connected to the Fit app
  3. Find the first video you want to add to a playlist
  4. Click on “+” or “+ Add to”
  5. Select “Create new playlist”
  6. Enter the name you want to give your play list.
  7. You can now select more videos, each time selecting “+” or “+ Add to” then selecting the playlist you created.
  8. Add as many as you want to create your workout video playlist.
  9. Your playlist must be listed as PUBLIC to show up in the Fit app.

Now, workout and enjoy your playlists

Be sure that you're connected to a good WiFi source to enable streaming with Kinetic Fit. Select a workout as you normally would and select Video, left swipe to reveal YouTube options, pick a playlist and begin the workout.

Videos will begin streaming after warm up and calibration. Enjoy!