Kinetic Ambassador Profile: Justin Wagner


Having trouble deciding what workouts to do on the trainer? Here are a couple recommendations! Those just getting started may not be aware of what are called "Sweet Spot Training", sometimes called "SST", which is a power zone just below your threshold, and it is a very good bang for your buck to make the most effective use of your trainer time, here are a few different variations on the SST workout to try. More advanced riders may have a bit more time to dedicate to their training, and I'd challenge them to get some rather lengthy endurance work done on the trainer, which is very effective since you won't ever get interrupted, like you would when trying to get endurance work done outdoors. Every Thursday I lead a 3-hour long endurance ride on Zwift, called Wagner's Wagon, which starts at 4:15am Mountain Time, come join me to have some company for the long ride!


Cross Training

The vast majority of my training is road riding, however for cross training lately I have been enjoying the different scenery that you get to experience when riding off road. I like to see what new areas I can explore on my gravel bike, which sometimes ends up putting me on some single track mountain bike trails, where I am definitely a fish out of water, but it's enjoyable, and hopefully I'm improving my bike handling skills at the same time.


Nutrition is such an individualized topic, as our bodies, goals, and schedules are so vastly unique. My best tip for nutrition is to stick to a goal, objectively measure your progress, and make iterative progress towards hitting that goal.

Mental Health

As an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I take every Sunday as a day to step back from my training, focus on my Family, my Faith, and let my body recover. It can be easy to forget just how important our mental health can be, so make a specific goal to keep it a priority!


I recently heard someone say that the main purpose of goals, are to force us to develop more efficient ways of accomplishing what we do, so that we can accomplish the stretch goals we have set for ourselves. To that end, any goal that isn't measurable or realistic will be really hard to achieve. Pick goals that will push you, and that you can objectively measure your progress on, otherwise your goals may always remain unattainable.

— Justin Wagner, Kinetic Ambassador

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