Kinetic Ambassador: Dave D'Abrosca


Life + Training Balance


As a dad, husband, dog owner, athlete, coach and professional I find one of the most difficult things related to fitness and performance is balance between training and other life dimensions.

So, how do I do it as an athlete?  Personally, I’m an early riser and my wife and non-adult daughter are not, which gives me lots of flexibility.  Most mornings I get my sessions done before they wake and then a family check-in before we start our respective days.  I also have a young, energetic Springer Spaniel that I incorporate into my training lifestyle by taking her on runs. For the social dimension, each Tuesday I lead a relaxed, sunrise ride along the NH seacoast with a great group of people which happens to double as a great Endurance-focused ride.


Likewise, as a coach, I work with athletes to make sure there is a match between life commitments and athletic aspirations.  For instance, one of my athletes is a teacher, mom of 3 active kids and she’s training for Ironman Mont-Tremblant in August.  We put much thought into which race would work best relative to the training demands for Ironman.  We landed on IMMT because she was able to absorb adequate volume in the Spring, ramp up in the summer and then transition off prior to school starting up again and still have fun at short course races in the Fall.

Last, but certainly not least - Family Support!  I cannot emphasize enough how important this is. Most athletes think of training stress; but all external stress has an impact on performance.  Having family onboard with your athletic aspirations helps support the end goal, whether it be general fitness or high performance.

— Dave D’Abrosca, Kinetic Ambassador and Triathlon/Cycling Coach at Power2Tri Multisport

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