Kinetic Ambassador: Ann Sloan

What is your favorite cross training activity and why?

As a triathlete – my cross training it’s hard to fit in too much cross training. My go to is stretching and core work through my SWORKIT app or Kettlebells. Kettlebell workouts—especially with a skilled certified instructor—are fantastic as they are ballistic and all core focused when performed correctly. Athletes always need more core-strength work.


What is your go-to nutrition advice?

You are your own experiment. We are all different and have different responses to food and hydration. Be willing to try out different things and figure out what works for you. 

Do have a meditation or wellness practice for your mental health?

First thing I do every morning is do a 5 minute stretching routine from an application called SWORKIT. Love it as it gets me moving first thing in the morning and sets my mood for the day. It only takes 5 minutes and it makes all the difference in the world.

How do you handle goal setting and sticking with a plan?

In order to stick with a plan you have to have a goal and that goal must be important enough for you to want to do the work to reach it. The goal needs to be important enough to get you up in the morning and work hard and it must be achievable. If the goal is big enough and out of your comfort zone, a coach can help you stick to the plan. That coach can be the cheerleader or parent who keeps you on track.

Ann’s Workout Suggestions


The Beginner Trainer Workout

Workout time:  30 minutes 

Warm up:

  • Start out very easy warm up of 10 minutes. An easy warm up is easy pedaling, nothing hard, just moving your legs. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being very boring, and feeling slow and 10 being “I might die”) try for a 2- 3.

Work set:

  • 14 minutes of: 1 min pick ups – 7 on the scale and then 1 min warm up pace.  Do this 7 times. 

Cool down:

  • 6 minutes of cool down – again back to scale of 3.



The Advanced Trainer Workout

Join me for this Advanced interactive workout every other Thursday evening on Zwift at 6 pm PST.

Warm up:

  • 10-minute warm-up

First set of intervals: (repeat 3 times) 

  • 2:00 @ zone 2 or 70% FTP wattage

  • 1:00 @ zone 3 or 85% FTP wattage

  • 1:00 @ zone 4 or 95% FTP wattage

  • 1:00 @ zone 2 or 70% FTP wattage / with cadence @ 110 RPM

  • 1:00 @ zone 1 or 50% FTP wattage

  • 5:00 @ zone 2 or 75% FTP wattage

Second set of intervals: (repeat 7 times) 

  • :20 seconds @ zone 5+ or 105%+ FTP wattage

  • 1:00 @ zone 3 or 85% FTP wattage

  • :40 seconds @ zone 1 or 50% FTP wattage

Cool down:

  • 8 min zone 2 or 75% FTP wattage 


Join Ann’s Zwift brick workout

Ann's Brick Thursday Zwift workout is every other Thursday at 6 PM PST. Find it in the events section on Zwift or the Zwift Companion app. If you have any questions, contact Ann directly.

 — Ann Sloan, Kinetic Ambassador and Zwift ride leader

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