How to Pick the Best Kinetic Trainer for You

By Danielle Kosecki

No two riders are alike, and the same could be said for indoor bike trainers. In fact, with technology advancing at a scary fast speed, it can sometimes feel like there are too many options—especially if you’re new to the sport.  

We get it. Kinetic’s been making trainers for 18 years and we still have a hard time picking just one. But there is a way to simplify the buying process: Figure out the one must-have feature that would make or break a purchase and then narrow your choices down from there.

Do you know what yours is? Great! Then say sayonara to choreographed spin classes and get ready to take your training to the next level. Below, 5 popular features and the Kinetic indoor bike trainers that have them.  

Kinetic Road Machine Smart Zwift.jpg

If you want: Simplicity

Consider: Kinetic Road Machine Machine

Why: It has a super low barrier to entry. Just secure your bike on the trainer via the quick release, adjust the resistance unit, and go. That’s it. No apps, no syncing. This trainer is also the perfect choice for rider who already own power meters or a means to connect with training apps and only need a reliable workout machine.

If you want: Portability

Consider: Kinetic Road Machine, or Kinetic Road Machine | Smart 2

Why: Whether you want to take your trainer to a race to warm up or just move it into storage when it’s not in use, moving these machines will be easiest. They also fit perfectly in the Kinetic Trainer Bag / Backpack for even easier travel.

If you want: Connectivity

Consider: Kinetic Fluid Power Bike Trainers or Kinetic Interactive Bike Trainers.

Why: The former will wirelessly transmit your ride data to training apps like TrainerRoad and Zwift. If that’s all your after, the Kinetic Rock and Roll | Smart 2 or Kinetic Road Machine | Smart 2 are great choices. With Kinetic fluid power trainers, you’ll control the effort level by speeding up or slowing down. If you want more of a set-it-and-forget-it-experience where the trainer controls your intensity level automatically, check out Kinetic Rock and Roll | Control and Kinetic Road Machine | Control. These app-controlled trainers will adjust the resistance to simulate terrain changes in pre-set workouts or on virtual courses while you focus on spinning and staying smooth.

If you want: Real-road feel

Consider: Any Kinetic Rock and Roll bike trainer, like the Kinetic Rock and Roll | Smart 2 or Kinetic Rock and Roll | Control.

Why: Kinetic Rock and Roll bike trainers are the only free-moving trainers on the market today[3] . That means that unlike most bike trainers, which hold your bike in a fixed position, Rock and Roll trainers lean side to side, allowing your bike to move with you for a more realistic-feeling ride.

For more information

If you already have a fluid trainer and you’re thinking of upgrading to an interactive app-controlled trainer, check out this article featuring tips and information on upgrading.

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