Experience Rouvy and augmented routes with a Kinetic trainer that fits your goals and budget

A smart trainer is no longer a gimmick but a versatile training tool that helps athletes stay fit and reach training goals year round. Interactive trainers and training apps like Rouvy allow riders an amazingly immersive and realistic indoor riding experience.

When making a trainer choice, consider what type of athlete you are and how many hours per week you are going to spend on a trainer. Think about your level of tech savvy and whether you prefer a simple trainer or a more techy interactive trainer. Finally, think about how much you are ready to invest in your indoor trainer set up. Kinetic gives your budget flexibility with trainers ranging from less than $300 to just over $1,000.

This guide will help you choose the Kinetic trainer that’s right for you to get started on Rouvy. The Rouvy training app is great for beginners and pros alike and anyone who wants to make their time spent indoors as efficient and fun as possible. Rouvy enables you to ride a race course or the world’s most beautiful and iconic cycling routes with your teammates with improved performance from interactive guided workouts.

Kinetic Interactive Bike Trainers

If you have a bigger budget and you need Rouvy (or any other training app) to control your trainer completely, Kinetic interactive trainers will let Rouvy control the trainer automatically. Rouvy will control the trainer effort, following virtual gradient changes on courses. Ride data is transmitted wirelessly back and forth to training apps via Bluetooth Smart™ or ANT+™.

Kinetic R1 Interactive Bike Trainer.png

The newer Kinetic interactive models let you tap into the best ride feel and experience. The Kinetic R1 is the only direct-drive on the market that allows side-to-side movement and has the added bonus of directly interfacing with a bike’s drive train. The Kinetic R1 is also recommended if you plan to spend more than 3 to 5 hours per week on a trainer doing power-based training or virtual racing. Kinetic offers two other new dual-band interactive models. The Rock and Roll | Control features the same side-to-side motion as the Kinetic R1 but is tire drive. The Road Machine | Control has a fixed frame and is our best value in the interactive category.

New dual-band interactive trainers with ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart:

Older Bluetooth-only interactive trainer models include:

Rouvy supports all the standard Bluetooth wireless protocols including: Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth FTMS, so you will have a seamless connection with both the newer and older Kinetic trainer models. Consider how much time your indoor sessions are going to last. If you are an endurance athlete and plan to frequently spend more than 1 hour on a trainer for a single session, a Rock and Roll trainer might be a better choice because the side-to-side movement helps reduce saddle fatigue and activates your core muscles for a balance workout too. All new Kinetic trainers come with a 30-Day free trial voucher for Rouvy in a box. so, you can get started for free in minutes.

Tip: Get a Kinetic Magnet-less Speed or Cadence Sensor ($35) for the most accurate wireless cadence measurements.

(Click here to learn more about Rouvy Augmented Routes)

Best use of Rouvy with interactive trainers

Rouvy Augmented Routes

Augmented routes (ARs) are based on a new technology called augmented reality which combines high-quality route videos with animated 3D riders and objects. Locate other riders online and quickly join their group on the augmented route. You can choose to ride against virtual partners based on previous rides or records so that you can always have a fun, engaging and exciting ride.

Rouvy tips:

  • Easy: AR - Lava Beds / AR - Canyonville

  • Medium-hard: AR - South Fork Smith River / AR - Kona

  • Hard: AR - Passo Gavia / AR - Cortina-Valparola

Interactive Workouts

Rouvy guides you through your workout to help push you to your limits with motivational videos, instructions, and music. You can accomplish your goals with our power-based workouts and GPS based routes.

Rouvy tips:

  • Easy: Recovery Ride, Easy Ride / 1HR - AVG: 66% FTP

  • Medium-hard: Rouvy Guide - High Cadence, Low Cadence, Strength work!

  • Hard: Rouvy Guide - Explosivity, Over&Under / 10 Min. Intervals - V2

Kinetic Smart Fluid Power Bike Trainers

If you have a smaller budget and don’t need Rouvy to automatically control your trainer resistance or if you want to ride without electricity and with maximum simplicity, a Kinetic Fluid Power trainer might be your best bet. With fluid resistance, you control the ride difficulty manually by speeding up or slowing down like you would when riding outdoors. Fluid power trainers are app compatible, portable, don't require power cords and feature Kinetic’s patented-fluid resistance unit. Ride data is transmitted wirelessly to training apps via Bluetooth Smart™ or ANT+™. Kinetic Fluid Power trainers are non-interactive, meaning apps don't change your resistance with target wattage or terrain changes. You’ll need a Kinetic interactive trainer if you’d prefer to have the app control the trainer entirely.


Non-interactive trainers with ANT+ and Bluetooth:

Older Bluetooth-only trainers include:

For those looking for app compatibility in a fluid trainer, look no further than the Kinetic Smart 2 series of Fluid Power Trainers. Marquee features are top-quality construction, portability and a lifetime warranty. Kinetic Smart 2 trainers are our best truly entry-level option for training indoors for anyone planning to train up to 3-hours-per week.

Best use of Rouvy with fluid power trainers

Virtual Routes

In addition to Augmented Routes, Rouvy offers you more than 1 million kilometers of high-quality GPS based route videos that span the most beautiful places in the world. The ever-expanding library grows daily because the platform enables avid cyclists to record new route videos easily and share them with the rest of the community.

Rouvy tips:

  • Tour de France 2017 - Prologue / England, AR / Into the sunset

  • Alcudia - Cap Formentor / Houston, AR / Offen Pass

  • Passo Dello Stelvio / Col du Galibier


Kinetic Classic Road Machine and Rock and Roll Fluid Trainers

To ride Rouvy with a classic Kinetic fluid trainer (that’s not equipped with an inRide sensor) the minimum requirement is a speed sensor, but we recommend adding the Kinetic inRide 3 Power Sensor to Kinetic fluid trainers that aren’t equipped with them. Compatible trainers include:

  • T-2200 Kinetic Road Machine

  • T-002I Kinetic Road Machine

  • T-2300 Kinetic Rock and Roll

  • T-016 Kinetic Rock and Roll

When you add an inRide Sensor to an older Kinetic fluid trainer you’ll have all the benefits of a modern Smart 2 trainer including in-app calibration and the ability to start exploring the world of training apps.

Best use of Rouvy for your fitness with classic trainers:

With an inRide Sensor you are still able to enjoy over 3,000 Rouvy videos including AR. But resistance won’t change automatically, so you don't experience the climbs in the same way you do with an interactive trainer. This is still a great option though for getting started riding with Rouvy. If you really love virtually training and racing you can always upgrade by purchasing just the interactive resistance unit. The T-6300 Control Power Unit is sold separately as an upgrade for most older Kinetic trainer frames.

Rouvy Career and Challenges

Motivation is the key to indoor training, and that's why Rouvy offers multiple Challenges throughout the year. Users can also build their Rouvy Career and get rewarded for their progress with awesome prizes. Riding Rouvy you will have a chance to win a new Kinetic smart trainer and brand new training gear. Together with real-time group rides and races, there is no better way to find your motivation to start and proceed to better fitness.

Whatever your training goals or athletic level, Kinetic provides great options for any budget. Beginners or pros alike can equally count on Kinetic’s reliable frames and cutting-edge sensors. Rouvy’s augmented reality, paired with the unique side-to-side riding experience of the Kinetic R1 and Rock and Roll frames, will bring the most realistic feel of the outdoors indoors for better and more enjoyable training sessions.

*ANT+ is only available in the NEW Smart 2 series

**Older discontinued Kinetic trainers include: T-2200, T-2300, T-2700, T-2800, T-6100 and T-6200