4 Week Basic Training: Strength and Fitness Combo

Target Rider: This plan is best for the beginner athlete who can put in 45 - 70 minutes of training 3 days a week and has some experience with power training. Workout days each week are numbered 1 - 7. Day 1 is typically Monday, but you can select another day to start the plan so the workout days fit your schedule. The plan is 3 days a week, day 1, 3, and 5 being your workouts. Day 5's workout can be switched and done on day 6 if you prefer that setup. The training plan will start with a shortened Functional Threshold Power (FTP) test to set up your power zones for the remainder of the training plan and end with another FTP test to see the improvements you have made. Each workout will include some strength work to build strength in your core, upper, and lower body muscles either for general fitness gains and/or strength gains in your off season. The focus after that is a combination of Threshold and VO2 Max cycling workouts with built-in strength workouts during the cycling workouts. This training plan combination will help build your strength both on and off the bike and your general all around fitness. You will want to have some light dumb bells for the strength exercises. Pick a weight that you can do 8-10 reps of both overhead (military) presses and 8-10 reps of upright rows. Ideally you will also have a place to do pull ups.

Plan Goals: Build your all around fitness with a combination of cycling-specific indoor workouts and strength-training workouts.

Duration: 4 weeks

Training Volume: Low to moderate

Experience Level: 

  • Cat 4/5–Beginner and up

Total Plan Hours: 12 hours, 5 minutes with warm-up time included


Getting Started

  1. Download the Kinetic Fit app for iOS or Android
  2. Create an account
  3. On the home screen, select "Start a Training Plan"
  4. Find the plan, select it and pick a start date. We recommend starting training plans on Mondays.
  5. This training plan requires a Smart subscription ($5/month for yearly)


Additional Resources

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