Kinetic Cyclone

Kinetic Cyclone


Dual fan design offers smooth, road-like resistance and lasting durability. Each fan is individually balanced to ensure smooth operation. The Cyclone is the only wind resistance trainer that provides coast-down simulation, speed-sensitive resistance and a large roller to reduce tire wear. It's the ideal choice for the casual rider or as a pre-race warm-up partner. The Cyclone features the same frame as Kinetic's Road Machine, offering all of the stability and durability that kinetic is know for at a much lower price. And at just 28 pounds, the Cyclone is incredibly easy to transport.

Product Notes

  • Kinetic trainers are compatible with virtually all bikes. Bikes with a rear thru-axle will require a Kinetic Traxle thru-axle adapter for use on any trainer.
  • Kinetic skewer included
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