Gives Rock and Roll and inRide 4 Stars

I tested the original incarnation of the Rock and Roll trainer back in 2010 and I was impressed back then. The latest version, which allows you to use Kinetic's new inRide power measurement system (available separately, but we've tested them together) makes it even better. There are some questions about the value – specifically, the value of the inRide add-on – but none about the performance of the turbo, which is as good as it gets.

Kurt have a guaranteed leak-free resistance unit, which they use on all their trainers. It's completely sealed, and only connected to the flywheel and roller via a magnetic coupling. That coupling is so strong there's no danger of detaching it with a sprint effort, and the fact that the unit has no moving seals means there's very little that can go wrong. It gets an unconditional lifetime warranty to back it up.

The other standout feature of the Rock and Roll is that the whole of the trainer assembly is isolated from the base by a rubber bumper, which allows the bike to move about when you're climbing all over it on a hard effort. The trainer's wide footprint and 19kg all-in weight mean it stays put even when you're wobbling about on top. You can adjust the amount of wobble by tensioning up the bolts holding the top section to the bottom.

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