Traxle Solves Interface Between Trainers and MTB 12mm Thru Axle

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – Aug. 21, 2013 –Keeping pace with evolving mountain bike technology, Kinetic announced today the launch of the Kinetic Traxle, a 12mm thru-axle replacement system to allow the popular new rear wheel standard to lock into trainer cone cups.

The Traxle system is a precision-machined replacement axle that matches the weight, quality and performance of OEM thru axles with the addition of small tapered heads to allow for use on trainers. The Traxle comes in three thread pitches – coarse, medium and fine – to fit a range of frame and wheel manufacturers.

“Kinetic has always worked hard to ensure that our trainers accommodate all types of bikes, and as bikes continue to evolve we will continue to find solutions for our customers. We take pride in sweating the details,” said Jason Overman, Kinetic’s North American sales manager.

Kinetic’s Traxle makes home use of any of the company’s trainers easy, but also provides shops and racers with a much-needed solution to the new mountain bike standard. Bike shops can now easily use the realistic motion of Kinetic’s Rock and Roll trainer for bike fitting with high-end mountain bikes. Racers, meanwhile, can warm up on a trainer and transition directly to the start line without the need for swapping out axles as the Traxle performs equal to the bike’s original equipment.

The Traxle family ships to retailers in high quality, display-ready packaging and will be available from mid-September 2013. Kinetic Traxles retail for $49.00 each.