{2019 Kinetic Brand Ambassador}


Melissa Hunter

Which sports do you take part in and which cycling discipline do you take part in?

I just ride bikes! Road, gravel, mountain, or fat. I used to run marathons, but after too many injuries I was told to give it up.

What is your favorite outdoor ride?

My favorite outdoor ride, which definitely falls into the zone of Type 2 fun, was a 3 day bikepacking adventure. A few friends and I rode 380 miles of gravel across the driftless area of the midwest, staying in hotels each night. We carried everything we needed, and life was so "simple" that weekend. All we had to worry about was to keep pedaling forward, as we had put our real lives on hold for the weekend.

What is your favorite ride or workout on the trainer?

I LOVE social rides near the 2 to 2.5 watts/kg pace where everyone is encouraging each other and working together while enjoying some lively banter. Great examples are the REVO Social rides, my new Kinetic ride and almost any ride led by PACK.

Tell us your guilty food pleasure

I LOVE giant cheeseburgers, and even better if they come with an ice cold beer.

Your advice for new cyclists

Find a local shop that listens to your questions and supports you where you're at.

Your location

Twin Cities, MN

What do you do professionally?

I'm a Chemical Engineer that helps take ideas from R&D concept to full scale manufacturing.

List any virtual group rides you lead

I lead the new Kinetic Cruisers ride on Friday mornings at 5:30 AM CDT! I am also the Team Director for Revolution Velo, and our talented team of women lead around 10 rides per week. I'm one of the rotating leads!

Read more about Melissa’s story

I blog about my adventures in cycling here: melissabikes.com