{2019 Kinetic Brand Ambassador}

Justin Wagner Kinetic Brand Ambassador.jpg

JuStin Wagner

Which sports do you take part in and which cycling discipline do you take part in?

Cycling, Road Racing

What is your favorite outdoor ride?

Climbing Haleakala! This volcano on the island of Maui has paved roads all the way from the ocean to the peak—36 miles one way—with just over 10,000 feet of climbing which makes for an epic day on the bike, especially with some amazing Maui weather.

What is your favorite ride or workout on the trainer?

ANY ride when I'm connected with my online community and having a good time with them. Whether it's a social ride, or a total hammer session Zwift race doesn't matter! Although to be honest, I'm generally doing a whole lot more of the later!

Tell us your guilty food pleasure

Ice cream, the more the merrier! Sometimes I feel like the only reason I ride is so that I can eat more ice cream. :) 

Your advice for new cyclists

Get connected with other like minded cyclists, they will help motivate you to levels you never imagined were possible.

Your location

Salt Lake City, Utah

What do you do professionally?

I'm a Computer Engineer who designs computer chips with a specialty in networking and communications.

List any virtual group rides you lead

Every Thursday morning, at 6:15am Easter/4:15am Mountain I lead a ride called Wagner's Wagon on Zwift. It's a steady state ride that runs for 3 hours. People come and join for as long as they can hold on (at our designated 3.0 w/kg pace) or for as long as their schedule permits. I've been leading the ride since December of 2015! We pass the time by talking with each other on Discord, 3 hours leaves lots of time for some good stories!

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