How electronic resistance works

App-controlled electronic resistance is found on our Rock and Roll | Smart Control, Road Machine | Smart Control and our Smart Control Power Unit (perfect for upgrading an existing Kinetic trainer frame). Our electronic resistance unit is designed to change the pedaling effort automatically based on the workout or the course being ridden in a training app. Apps like Zwift feature virtual terrain with simulated hills, mountains, descents, valleys and flats. In order to feel these terrain changes it's ideal to have an electronic-resistance trainer that automatically changes the pedaling effort making the workout harder or easier depending on what the course is doing rather than what gear you're riding in on your bike. Other training apps like the Kinetic Fit app feature built-in training plans, pre-programmed workouts and video integration.

Just like our Smart Fluid units, Smart Control Electronic Power Units are precision calibrated to be accurate with ±5% of most power meters. The main differences between the two resistance-unit types is that our Smart Control units automatically vary resistance and require electricity and an app to operate and need to be plugged into a power source and connected to a training app to get the full benefits of the trainer. Smart Control units also have updatable firmware that is maintained by connecting regularly with the Kinetic Fit power training app.

Product Notes:

  • Smart Control Trainers and Power Units work with power-training apps like Kinetic FitZwiftTrainerRoadRouvyKinomap Trainer and FulGaz on Bluetooth®-connected smart phones, tablets and laptops.

  • Massive 14.4 pound flywheel

  • Controlled resistance to simulate terrain changes in workouts and on virtual courses
  • Pairs with devices using Bluetooth Smart®
  • Unconditional lifetime warranty on frame, two-year warranty on resistance units 
  • Max slope: 10% | Max resistance: 1800 watts at 30 mph