{2019 Kinetic Brand Ambassador}


Duane Gran

Which sports do you take part in and which cycling discipline do you take part in?

I'm a roadie through and through and while I don't race often anymore my passion in this sport is road racing. My specialty is climbing and time trials.

What is your favorite outdoor ride? 

When time permits in the summer I love doing what I call the "self immolation ride" which is about 4 hours into the mountains and back in Virginia. I always come back knackered physically but restored mentally for days from it.

What is your favorite ride or workout on the trainer?

I do a 30 minute set of ten 3 minute intervals in over/under fashion where I go for 2:30 under threshold and then 0:30 into the VO2 Max zone (zone 5). It really trains your ability to recover at an unpleasant effort level which is essential in racing.

Tell us your guilty food pleasure.

Not feeling too guilty about it, but I love spicy food and I'm more likely to eat more than I planned if it is spicy.

Your advice for new cyclists.

This sport goes deep and each time you think you "know it" there is another layer and dimension to finding your potential. Enjoy the journey and don't be surprised if it takes some time breaking through these layers at times.

Your location

Charlottesville, Virginia

What do you do professionally?

I manage IT operations for a financial firm which involves overseeing software development, network infrastructure and a security operations center

List any virtual group rides you lead.

The Kinetic Group Ride takes place on Tuesdays at 6:45 am EST and Thursdays at 7 pm EST on Zwift