Kinetic offers bike trainer mounting solutions for a wide variety of applications. From bikes equipped with 12mm thru-axles with our Kinetic Traxle thru axle adapters (shown below) to a variety of cone cups and Small Wheel Adapters for bikes with wheels smaller than 22 inches, we have something for almost any bike out there that won't typically work on a stationary trainer. From recumbents, to BMX, to track, to road or mountain bikes they all fit. By doing some simple adjustments, our frame can accommodate any bike.

One of the major issue encountered when fitting a bike on a trainer is the quick release skewer or axle bolts on the bike. Skewers come in all shapes and sizes as well as widths. Our unique axle cone fits 99% of OEM skewers on the market, but sometimes it is desirable to get a better fit by using a different cone. Switching a cone is easy and inexpensive. We have cones cup kits available to fit bolt-on wheels like on track and BMX bikes, internally geared hubs, and even SRAM Dual Drive systems.


The Kinetic Traxle is our ingenious solution for 12mm thru-axles typically used on newer mountain bikes and now increasingly more often on road bikes too. The Traxle replaces the entire thru-axle with a high-quality, machined aluminum axle that is frequently lighter and stronger than the OEM axle. The Kinetic Traxle is available in 3 sizes to accomodate the 3 standard thread pitches currently used in the industry.

Our trainer will also accommodate less common dropout widths that are often found on BMX, track, and tandem bikes. With our patented quick release mounting system, switching between bikes with wider or narrower dropouts has never been easier or more stable. Our trainer frame is approved for use with tandem bikes with 145mm dropouts and both riders mounted. The Kinetic will also securely hold a track bike with dropouts as small as 90 mm.

For wheels with an outside diameter less than 22", it is necessary to use the Small Wheel Adapter. The Small Wheel Adapter moves the resistance unit up 3" and allows the trainer to fit wheels with an outside diameter as small as 16".


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