{2019 Kinetic Brand Ambassador}


Ann Sloan

Which sports do you take part in and which cycling discipline do you take part in?

As a triathlete, my sports must be swim/bike/run and more biking.

What is your favorite outdoor ride?

Any ride that is SUNNY, warm and preferably no traffic. It's just good for the soul to be outside. Two of my favorite venues are Oceanside 70.3 bike course and Grand Fondo Whistler.

What is your favorite ride or workout on the trainer?

Any workout/ride on Zwift that has CHAT either via voice or text is my favorite. The rides on Zwift with a discord channel are so much fun as the world becomes so much smaller when you talk with folks from the UK, NZ, AU, US, and CA just to name a few.

Tell us your guilty food pleasure

Starbucks Salted Caramel Cold Foam Cold Brew - in my life coffee is nectar of the gods so while it's not a food it is definitely my daily guilty pleasure.

Your advice for new cyclists

Don't be afraid to start where you are. If you are worried about being 'slow' get on Zwift and a Kinetic trainer to build confidence on in the safe environment of your own home on group rides and workouts. Join Kinetic Riders, Zwift and/or Sufferfest Facebook groups to learn about cycling indoors. Most of the communities are supportive and will help you get stronger.

Check out your local biking teams or organizations that truly welcome newbies and help with bike handling skills. As a coach on a local triathlon team (TN Multisports), I am a sweep for our team rides—that means I am there to help the newer cyclist feel more confident, ensure they have a buddy on the ride, and be there to help make the experience a good one. Hopefully, there is a person/group in your area who can assist if not reach out to the Kinetic team on Facebook for more advice.

Your location

Greater Seattle, Washington

What do you do professionally?

Functional Systems Lead Analyst (Information Tech), Triathlon Coach for TN Multisports

List any virtual group rides you lead

Triathlon Thursdays - Bike/Run - 6:30 pm PDT on Zwift. And looking to add another ride/run soon!