{2019 Kinetic Brand Ambassador}

Photo: Dean Warren

Photo: Dean Warren

Allie Legg

Which sports do you take part in and which cycling discipline do you take part in?

I race professionally on the road and race a little bit of gravel.

What is your favorite outdoor ride? 

My favorite outdoor ride is the “Prison Ride,” where I live in Alabama. It’s super beautiful.

What is your favorite ride or workout on the trainer?

My favorite workout on the trainer is over/unders. That really gets your heart rate up.

Tell us your guilty food pleasure.

I like the butt end of the bread, semi burnt crusts, and peanut butter.

Your advice for new cyclists.

My advice to new cyclist is remember to have fun and ask a lot of questions.

Your location

Birmingham, Alabama

What do you do professionally?

I race road bikes professionally!

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