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We stand behind our products like no one else in the industry.

Kinetic by Kurt is proud to offer an UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Kinetic's Unconditional Lifetime Warranty:

• Covers ALL parts on both the resistance unit and the frame.

• Is applicable for normal wear and tear OR manufacturers defects.

• Covers the original owner of a Kinetic trainer for a LIFETIME.

Most of our competitors fill their Lifetime Warranties with legal jargon that makes the definition "Lifetime" meaningless, using disclaimers like "does not apply to parts that have been worn out through normal use". We unconditionally guarantee to the original owner, a lifetime of parts on the frame AND the resistance unit. At Kinetic we are so proud of our superior products that we don't need legal jargon or fine print. That means you will be happy that you bought Kinetic products.