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What is works with Kinetic trainers to give you structured indoor VirutalPower™ workouts. TrainerRoad gives you live power, cadence and heart rate data on your computer with target power outputs.

The magic between TrainerRoad and Kinetic is that TrainerRoad uses Kinetic’s power curves and translates speed to power on the fly. This lets you workout just like you had a power meter at a fraction of the cost.


See it in action:



So, I can train like I have a power meter?

Yes! This all works due to the measurable, repeatable power curve of all Kinetic fluid trainers. Kinetic fluid trainers use thermodynamically-neutral silicone, a viscous fluid that won’t heat up when you ride harder. Thus, making our force curve consistently accurate and repeatable an hour into your first hard ride or 5 years later on your 2,000th hard ride.

Kinetic Power Curve


What do I need to get started?

Getting started is easy. Here’s what’s required:

  1. Kinetic Trainer with fluid resistance unit (Rock And Roll or Road Machine)
  2. ANT+ Speed Sensor (or Speed/Cadence Sensor)
  3. ANT+ USB Stick
  4. A Mac or PC
  5. A Membership to


Where can I learn more about this?

Head over to the TrainerRoad web site. You'll find over 300 structured workouts, multiple training plans and video tutorials to get you going on all the great features the software offers. You'll never lose your workout data again, all of your workouts synced online in the cloud.To learn more about TrainerRoad and how this training system works head over to


Need more assistance?

TrainerRoad is easy to get in touch with: