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  • Measurable and repeatable workload
  • 6.25 lb. flywheel for realistic coast-down
  • Power Calibrated Resistance Unit
  • Fits 22"-29" Wheels (29" Wheels Require a Slick Tire)
  • Small Wheel Adapter Required for 16" - 21" Wheels
  • Compatible with Pro Flywheel
  • Sealed fluid chamber with magnetically coupled drive shaft
  • Thermodynamically neutral silicone resistance fluid
  • 15-second coast-down from 20 mph
  • Consistent resistance at multiple temperatures
  • 80 cooling fins to dissipate heat
  • Lowest operating temperature of any fluid trainer
  • Smooth, quiet resistance from 5-3,000+ watts
  • Guaranteed not to leak
  • 2 1/8” roller reduces tire wear
  • Unconditional Lifetime Warranty
  •  Lifetime Crash Replacement Policy


Road Machine

It’s the perfect workout partner for sprints to intervals to all-day cruising. Quiet. Smooth. And like every Kinetic Trainer, 100% leak-proof. The power calibration gives you true outdoor simulation. The automatic resistance adjusts as you change speeds. Realism as only Kinetic can deliver it.




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Customer Reviews

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David S -
Dec 27, 2011
Great product! I usually "taper" :-) over the winter and that really doesn't bode well come spring. This is truly a great solution for indoor winter training! I've used this 5 X since purchasing it in early December and using it will help me start the spring is great shape. It is quiet and offers a very realistic ride experience. It really does allow me to experience a great work out! Kudos to KK!!!
Megan -
Dec 6, 2011
This thing is awesome! It's very easy to set up right out of the box. It's a little bigger and heavier than I expected, but I think that's actually a good thing so it won't tip while riding. The wide base makes for a very stable ride. It's fairly quiet by itself, but adding the mat actually does make a big difference in terms of noise. What made me choose this trainer over the CycleOps Fluid II was the fact that you can add the 12 lb. Flywheel to increase the resistance; I'm not sure if similar options are available for CycleOps machines. Plus, KK guarantees their fluid trainers will never leak. I've never heard of a KK breaking/leaking, but I have heard of a few CycleOps springing a leak. Although CycleOps also stands behind their products, it seems like a real pain in the ass to fix such a why not just avoid it altogether? Overall, I'm very satisfied with this trainer. Price was a bit steep but it's really a one time purchase so you might as well get something that will last forever and is covered by a lifetime warranty. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a bike trainer.
Alan Hayward -
Oct 18, 2012
Had my Road Machine for a little over a year now and have been very impressed with the build quality and the smooth ride. It does replicate riding outdoors very well. Needed to buy another trainer a few months ago and due to reduced funds I bought a Cycleops Fuid II - false economy - The Road Machine out classes it in every department.
Crazylegs -
Dec 30, 2012
I decided to buy this trainer mainly because of the excellent reviews, and I wanted something to keep myself in decent riding shape over the winter. It arrived two days ago and I set it up last night; the setup was no problem. I fined tuned the tension and tried it today, did a 45 minute ride and it punished me! Soaking wet, breathing hard, what a great feeling! This is the first trainer I've owned and I have to say I'm impressed. I really don't think it feels the same as riding roads or trails, but if you're looking for a quality workout, this trainer delivers, and then some! Very smooth ride, excellent resistance and fairly quiet. If you're thinking about buying a trainer, you should consider this one. I'm very happy with the Road Machine!
Rico -
Jan 23, 2013
This thing is solid and quiet. This was my indoor trainer and reading the reviews, everyone gave the Road Machine great reviews. Now I understand why. It was easy to set up, its very solid, and quiet. My friends have other types of fluid trainers and do not like them. Saving $30 isn't a savings if you don't like the trainer and it just collects dust. My advice is to pay a little bit extra and get the Road Machine.
Chris -
Apr 13, 2013
Today marks 30 days of having my road machine trainer. WOW, I can't believe it's only been 30 days because I've used it so much. Incredibly easy to use, heavy-duty while being easy to move around. By the way - with a little work (hacking) you can make one of those cheap ($15) speed/distance wireless computers work for your back wheel and get a decent estimate of your workout beyond just the time spent on the bike. I use the trainer with both my hybrid and my road bicycles, and as an investment, I suspect this trainer will outlast both of those bikes.
Nigel -
May 31, 2013
Have been using the trainer for a number of years and have clocked some 3000 + miles. I use a carbon frame home built bike fitted with a Powertap SL+ hub and a Continental trainer specific tyre. All I can say is the trainer works very well, I also find the claimed power requirement for the trainer to be quiet accurate. When I have contacted Kurt customer service, the response was first rate which was most welcome. The Kurt trainer is a must have and I will be recommending this unit to my friends and family.
Roger -
Apr 15, 2013
I bought this trainer at a fall bike show to train via the winter months rather then join another spin class. The results of on/off and back on training in a 6 week training schedule turned directly into results of 4km/h faster in my first race of the year.
Sean -
Jan 26, 2012
I bought my Road Machine about three years ago. It has been a very important piece of my winter training. I am able to ride through the entire winter without having to bundle up and face the snow or ice. My Road Machine is very quiet. I always feel very stable on the bike, even at high cadence. It is easy to set up right out of the box. The fluid makes it feel just like riding on the road. My average speeds are very comparable on the trainer and actually riding outside. The price seems high at first, but mine is 3 years old and is still running smooth and quiet.
El Zombo -
Jul 22, 2011
This thing saved my life (literally, but more on that later). I'm currently deployed to Iraq and I shipped this trainer and my bike to myself. It's working out great. I read quite a bit about this before I bought it, but I have to say the price is well worth it. Zero durability issues in a dry, dusty area. I've shipped it in the same box on 3 deployments and even the box holds up! The RM is smooth and quiet. It gets up to speed and coasts down in a pretty realistic way. The base is really sturdy and it's really easy to put together and set up. I ride this watching a projector or my ipod on a handle bar mount and just let the time roll by. I was actually riding in an old aircraft shelter when some stuff went off. If I didn't have this trainer I might have been on the other side of the wall where some shrapnel hit.
Ken -
Jul 13, 2012
I bought this for rehab after getting my knee replaced. It looks to be perfect for that. I plan to use it every day in hopes of getting back on the road as soon as I can. I can also see using it for winter riding. I'm not afraid of rain, but riding to work is a lot different than riding on a rainy Sunday! I did a lot of research and feel that while I spent more than intended, I got something that (unusual for bike stuff) is actually good value for the price. It is sturdy, easy to assemble and operate and feels really secure. It's got a good reputation that seems very well deserved1
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