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  • Kinetic inRide sensor and Heart Rate Monitor pairs with Apple devices using the Bluetooth Smart communication protocol, eliminating the need for additional dongles.
  • Kinetic inRide sensor transmits power, cadence, speed and distance.
  • Power data includes: Current, average and max, TSS, nPower, iFactor, mean maximal power and time-in-power zones.*
  • Features user-programmable data fields and display
  • Personalized power and heart rate zone info based on rider lactate threshold or maximum heart rate.
  • Auto-calculated wattage and HR zones show current, average, and max heart rate and total time spent in each training zone during workout.
  • Calorie burn tracks energy expenditure when you configure user data including: age, weight, and height.
  • Built in 10-minute warmup
  • Coast down calibration for accurate power data each workout
  • Built-in workouts
  • Workout creator allows users to program interval workouts
  • Tracks lap splits
  • Ride History logs results from entire workout history, organized by date in the history tab.
  • Upload workouts to popular training and workout-sharing web sites including: Strava and Training Peaks.
  • Email workout data directly from app
  • Kinetic inRide is only compatible with Kinetic fluid resistance trainers — compatible with all current models.
  • Easy installation, just stick sensor to back of resistance unit as instructed, insert plug and magnet into hole in roller, install Kinetic inRide app, configure rider data and get rolling!
  • User can choose a­ny iPhone case and bike mount system (not included with inRide).


  • Kinetic inRide sensor
  • Kinetic inRide Heart Rate Monitor
  • Batteries
  • Trainer roller magnet
  • Kinetic inRide iPhone App (free at Apple App Store)
  • 2-year warranty
  • iPhone and case and bike mount not included

*TSS, nPower, iFactor, and Mean Maximal Power are in-demand power meter measurement functions as defined by Hunter Allen and Andrew Coggan in their book: Training and Racing with a Power Meter (2nd Edition).




The Kinetic inRide is our next-generation watt meter. The system uses the new Bluetooth Smart™ communication protocol found in the iPhone 4S and 5 and the iPad 3 and iPod Touch 5th generation to wirelessly pair a heart rate monitor and power sensor pod with the new Kinetic inRide iPhone App* to measure wattage with any Kinetic fluid trainer.


Our incredibly accurate fluid trainer power curve allows precise wattage readings at exact speeds as measured indoors on a Kinetic fluid trainer. Firmware in the inRide Sensor Pod measures speed and cadence at the tire and translates that to wattage with a simple equation. That data and the heart rate data is collected and displayed on the paired iPhone. Postworkout file sharing allows you to upload training data to your favorite web site or email files to a remote coach.

All current Kinetic fluid trainers including: the Road Machine, Rock And Roll and Pro Trainer are compatible with Kinetic inRide allowing the rider to capitalize on the benefits of a wattage-based training program.

*AVAILABLE FOR iPHONE 4S, 5, iPAD 3 iPad Mini and the New iPod Touch 5th generation (NOT AN iPAD-SPECIFIC APP)

For installation details and instructional video, click here.



Here are a few important notes for all inRide owners:

1. We highly recommend deleting the old inRide app from your device before installing the new one.

2. If you love the old app and it's working for you, be sure to disable auto app updates/downloads on your device if you don't want it automatically updated and overwritten next week by the NEW AND IMPROVED app.

3. If you want to keep your workout history, upload files to a TrainingPeaks peaks or Strava account or email the files to yourself. You won't be able to import them into the new app, but they will be saved.



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