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Frequently Asked Questions

My Rock And Roll feels like it's leaning to one side. What should I do?

When do I need to use the Small Cone Cup Skewer Adapter (part K) and how do I install it properly?

I'm noticing vibration from my trainer's fluid resistance unit. What should I do?

Has Kinetic done any type of testing on trainers and bike frame stress.

In what temperature range is it safe to use your fluid bike trainer?

Does the Kinetic Bike Trainer work with a Shimano Nexus 3 Speed Hub?

Why does my Kinetic Resistance unit make a "Gurgling" noise at low speeds?

The skewer that came with my trainer will not thread tight enough to hold my wheel in place. Is there a solution?

ROCK AND ROLL TRAINER SAG: Sometimes my tire rubs on the floor mat when I'm climbing out of the saddle on my Rock And Roll trainer. Can I reduce the sag?

My Rock And Roll Trainer squeaks when I move from side to side. What can I do for this?

My Pro Flywheel rubs on my Rock And Roll frame when I use the Small Wheel Adapter. What do I do?

How do I install the Kinetic Skewer on my bicycle?

What is the weight limit on a Rock And Roll?

Why buy the Turntable Riser ring with the Rock And Roll?

I have a 29er bike - will it fit into a Kinetic Trainer?

I have a recumbent, will it fit into a Kinetic Trainer?

We ride a tandem, will it fit into a Kinetic Trainer?

I have a tricycle, will it fit into a Kinetic Trainer?

I have a knobby tire - will this work on a Kinetic Trainer?

Where is the serial number of my Kinetic Trainer located?

My L-Bolt and knob are stripped - how do I get this replaced?

Where do I purchase a Kinetic Trainer?

Does Kurt Kinetic sponsor teams and/or individual cyclists?

Does Kinetic have any Canadian dealers?

Is Kinetic's Power Computer compatible with any other trainers?

Can a Kinetic Trainer work on a bike with disc brakes?

Can I use my Kinetic Power Computer for outdoor riding?

I need to replace the batteries in my Kinetic Power Computer. What size battery does it take?

Is the Rock and Roll Trainer safe for carbon fiber bicycle frames?