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    08-18-2014 1:09
    RT @KristabelDH: One @KineticTrainer bottle must mean it's a rest day...when everything else gets done #poweredbykinetic @teamTIBCO http://…

    08-17-2014 1:15
    RT @LointekTeam: Nuestra @belencycling calentando en los Rock&Roll de @KineticTrainer antes de la dura última etapa (86kms/+1.500mts) http:…

    08-14-2014 1:05
    RT @wHolyBody: #RoutedeFrance day 5 @amialiusik 2nd on GC and @DaliaMuccioli 12th Great job Team #dreamteam @KineticTrainer…

    08-12-2014 11:03
    Great news inRide users, TrainerRoad is launching their beta test program for their new iOS app. Kinetic inRide...

    08-12-2014 7:37
    Calling all Norwegian Kinetic fans... Get out and see one of our favorite teams in action for the Ladies Tour of...

    08-11-2014 2:21
    Come and work with an awesome team here at Kinetic. Follow the links please!

    08-11-2014 2:18

    08-11-2014 2:11
    Congrats! Frederik Van Lierde near the top of the list of amazing athletes! #PoweredByKinetic...

    08-07-2014 9:23
    RT @turunningcom: No detengas tu entrenamiento por la lluvia,tenemos los productos @KineticTrainer ayudan simular una buena ruta #bike http…

    08-06-2014 1:17
    The Rock and Roll - great for bike fits and position adjustments too. Just ask the women of Lointek Team!

    08-06-2014 1:15
    The Z•Rollers have arrived! First production units and they look great!

    08-06-2014 6:16
    RT @LointekTeam: Últimos toques biomecánicos de temporada en @BPXtecnif con @KineticTrainer . #Target #RdF #TdOr #CdMPlouay #TdArdeche http…

    08-01-2014 4:32
    RT @DreVorak: Thanks @KineticTrainer for not only getting our legs ready at @teamTIBCO, but also for your support of @nationalMTB http://t.…

    08-01-2014 4:32
    @DreVorak @teamTIBCO @nationalMTB Thank you too! Very cool of you to say so Andrea. We appreciate our great partners!

    08-01-2014 1:12
    RT @AstanaBePink: Alena @amialiusik #Belarus champion is #PoweredbyKinetic @LaCoursebyTDF @KineticTrainer in #Paris

    08-01-2014 1:12
    RT @schwagerli: crit time means trainer time! @KineticTrainer @teamTIBCO #PoweredByKinetic

    08-01-2014 1:09
    RT @LointekTeam: Resumen #CEVillarcayo en @teledeporte @MMRBikes @ruedasnesta @GoldNutritionES @essaxtwtr @BPXtecnif…"> @MMRBikes @ruedasnesta @GoldNutritionES @essaxtwtr @BPXtecnif

    07-31-2014 9:58
    RT @KevinCollington: #PoweredByKinetic @ 7250ft. Could use more air but better than braving the lightning. #FlagstaffCamp @KineticTrainer h…

    07-30-2014 4:40
    RT @Tsvetkov13: @KineticTrainer saved my training day during rain in CO@JellyBellyTeam @Argon18bike @CatEyeBicycle @BontCycling http://t.c…

    07-30-2014 12:31
    Check out the great photos of Astana Bepink Women Team at #LaCoursebyTDF this past Sunday. Great race and...


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